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MUB DB Server Issues / IPS Error

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Announcement from the host:


We've continued to have intermittent problems with db4 (also known as db3 as we merged both servers into one) in the last few days. So far the problem doesn't appear to be related to XFS specifically but more than likely a memory problem or something with mysqld itself. I'm leaning more towards a memory problem. Testing memory would create a large outage so we're going to have to move the mysqld services to a temporary machine. Unfortunately the server we normally use for situations like this is being used but the service it hosts was planned to be moved anyway.


I'm working towards getting this temporary server back online so that we can properly troubleshoot db4/db3. I'm shooting to get this done by the end of tomorrow or the latest by next Monday. Unfortunately, I suspect that the mysqld service on the machine will fail again between now and then so please be patient with us. I apologize for not having a better backup plan in place but we're busy as always.

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