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DHCP server on CentOS 5.3 [solved]

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I'm having a weird issue with my dhcp server on my CentOS box. It appears to be setup correctly (I'm using webmin 1.470) and I really can't figure out what is causing the problem.


Whenever a client uses my Cent box for DHCP, it'll get an IP address, a hostname, DNS servers, etc., but it WILL NOT connect to the internet for some reason. I can ping the other machines on my network, but I cannot resolve hostnames whatsoever (not from the DNS on my cent box nor from


Now, this leads me to believe that it's a DNS issue, but there are no problems with my BIND server. To confirm this, I disabled DHCP on my Cent box and enabled DHCP on my router. If clients on the network get their DHCP information FROM THE ROUTER, everything works, INCLUDING resolving names using my internal BIND server...


What setting in my DHCP server could be causing this mess? Any ideas?

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