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Possible service interruption - 26 & 28 March 2009

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I've got two maintenance announcements that you should know about.


UPS Repair


The UPS for the B210 Data Center at the OSL has experienced a capacitor failure. The failure is not service interrupting but needs to be repaired. The repair window will be tomorrow (20090326) from 10-12PM PDT (1700-1900 UTC). During the repair the UPS will be placed in bypass. Power to the room will not be interrupted.


Power Upgrade (DMZ 2hr power interruption)


On Saturday, March 28th, OSU Facilities Electricians will be performing work on the Kerr Admin B side power. The window is 7-9AM PDT (1400-1600 UTC). The work is necessary in order to complete the power upgrade project for the B210 Data Center.


The building power will be secured about 7 AM PDT (1400 UTC). The room generator will start and room power will transfer over to generator power. If there is a fault with the power transfer, the building power will be restored and the work will be rescheduled.


When the electricians finish their work, they will restore power and verify that it transfers from generator back to facility power.


For those projects that have servers/machines in the DMZ (the one-off non-rackable servers/machines), we will need to work with you to power off and power on your servers. For the other 95% of you that host at the OSL, your power *WILL NOT* be interrupted during this maintenance window. I might be able to keep some critical servers in the DMZ online during the outage, but I doubt we have enough time on the UPS for the room to make it.


For those projects who host their machines in the DMZ, please either contact us via IRC or send an email so that we can work with you to ensure your machines are taken care of. Again, almost 95% of you are completely fine during this outage. All the projects that host in the DMZ should know who they are.


just in case there's a problem.

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