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Hi guys,

as some of you are aware, I've finally got my PC running in a state that I've always wanted. Now that the main items are checked off it's time to start playing. :D


I have a EN9400GT Nvidia graphics card (I'm not up with it when it comes to graphics cards, I know this isn't a real fantastic card, but it has 512mb, where my old one had only 128mb).


I downloaded, ages ago, a Nvidia driver from the Nvidia website and am using that.


I've now got compiz running and it's not as smooth as my old PC. Maybe I need the latest driver?

How can I find out what version of the driver I'm running, and are there any ways to improve the performance of my card? I remember when I first got into Linux a common tip was to raise the priority of the desktop. Is this done automatically with a Mandriva install?


Any help on this is most appreciated.


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I used Nvidia server settings to get the driver version of: 177.8, which is definately not the current version.


It is not an agp card.


Im not sure if its just the display that is slow, the system itself doesn't seem as fast as it could have been.

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1. Download the latest driver from nvidia (180.22).

2. Drop to runlevel 3 (# telinit 3) and install the driver from there.

3. Run "# nvidia-xconfig --composite" to enable composite effects in your xorg configuration.


Some useful tips for manually finetuning your nvidia driver:




They apply for pretty much any distro, not just the one they're referring at.

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ARRGH! I done a system update. No graphical login, to be expected. Installed the NVIDIA driver, all ok. Start x, all ok.


So next time I reboot I get dropped at the CLI, in run level 3 I think it is.


What do I have to change to get a graphical login? Please help.




EDIT: Ooops, I was booting into fail safe not the running version...Sorry!

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Tonight I came home checked my emails, shutdown.


Came back now when I boot, I can login graphically, but then plasma crashes and I have to reboot.


I can login with root (no 3d effects). How do I repair this?

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Found a solution online. Not sure of the cause. Alot point to updates, I did that update yesterday, so possibly.


I renamed the .kde folder in my user directory to .kde-old and rebooted and all is good!


Something got scrambled somewhere, but is fine now.

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to determine what driver version you are running, from the command line:



Not trying to be a nit picking *hole or anything but that should be:



I'm sure daniewicz knew that but mistyped. I do that with 'usr' fairly regularly. :D

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