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Looking for the perfect "intermediate" distro

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What is the reason shaman isn't ready for full replacement of pacman?
I don't believe shaman is intended to replace pacman, I would say it's more the GUI alternative to pacman - it still uses the pacman libraries (libalpm). Which you use depends on whether you prefer a GUI- or a CLI-based package manager. Edited by tyme
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Shaman may sound like a good idea, but it still needs a lot of work.

I've stopped using it, as my internet connection isn't terribly stable (frequent disconnections), and, while from console I just have to press ctrl+c to stop pacman/yaourt (or twice ctrl+c if using aria2 as the pacman downloader), with Shaman pushing cancel always locks libalpm and pacman, instead of stopping them.

Chakra might, or might not turn out being a good distro. ATM it's of alpha quality, and its main DE of beta quality. But it does have some potential.

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