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CPU speed is wrong [solved]


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I've often found that blacklisting a module (ipv6 for example) has no effect. In such case, this often is a solution:

In the /etc/modprobe.conf file, write a line like this:

install p4_clockmod /bin/true

This means that loading the p4_clockmod will be considered successful if the /bin/true commands runs and exits successfully, which is: always :)




[edit] Oh! My posts number is 1984, like this well known and excellent book by Orwell ;)

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That does seem to have done the trick brilliantly, thank you! :D Now it's -all- fixed and good. I think you guys have made a convert of me, from Ubuntu. This has been fixed, the resolution issue could not be. Thanks so much, everybody. You've really made my week.

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