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a screensaver bug


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In terminal as non-root, please give the result of this command.

rpm -qa | grep screen

This will show what files you have installed as screensavers. There might be a conflict somewhere.


This is what I have installed (KDE 4.2).

$ rpm -qa | grep screen








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this is the output of mine

[hossam@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep screen






[hossam@localhost ~]$

so what is that mean ?

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I don't know if there is a conflict between the packages installed. You might try removing screen-4.0.3-5mdv2009.0 and see if that helps. You can always put it back. When you try to remove it, if it asks to remove other packages, say no. Beyond this, I don't know what to do.

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i'v mdv 2009.0 and when i play the screen saver or when i left my pc for a while the screen saver turning on

but the problem is that the screen saver appers only in the top left corner

i tried to fix it but i failed

any help will be appreciated

Have the same on my desktop and laptop.

Somtetimes the screensaver is showed up fullscreen, but most of the time just in the left upperquarter of the screen.

It didn't start after some update, but just from the beginning after initial install.

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