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Acer vs. 2008.1 free


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Hi folks,


I've just bought a great laptop but so far 2008.1 free doesn't recognize my ethernet card or wireless card. I have not loaded 2008.1 yet. Is the purchased 2009 got the goods to cure my issues?

I can't do anything with 2008.1 free or Mandriva if I can't get online. I am a newbie (still). I work with Autocad engineering software and until Linux and Autocad play together well, I am stuck with msvista.


Any suggestions?


Here's the spec's



Acer Aspire AS8930-6306

Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26G

Screen 18.4"

Memory Size 4GB DDR2

Hard Disk 320GB

Optical Drive DVD Super Multi

Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT

Video Memory 512MB

Card slot 1 x Express Card

Tech Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology

CPU Type Intel Core 2 Duo

CPU Speed P8400(2.26GHz)


CPU L2 Cache 3MB

Chipset Intel PM45

Screen Size 18.4"

Wide Screen Support Yes

LCD Features HD CineCrystal LCD

Resolution 1680 x 945


Video Memory Dedicated 512MB

Graphic Type Dedicated Card


HD RPM 7200rpm

HD Interface SATA

Optical Drive Type DVD Super Multi

Optical Drive Interface Integrated

WLAN Intel 5100 a/g/n

Card Slot 1 x Express Card

Video Port 1 x HDMI

Audio Integrated Sound card

Speaker Internal Speakers

Supplemental Drive

Card Reader 6-in-1

Webcam Yes


I know there is someone here can help me.



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I am confused. You have not loaded 2008.1 but it is not working? Are you using the Mandriva One bootable DVD?


My guess is that 2009.0 will not help rectify your problems. In my experience, while wireless can sometimes present a problem there is nothing simpler than getting an ethernet card to work in Mandriva. It just works.


Can you give us more details?

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I used a bootable CD. If I knew it would work differently after loading, I would continue to load.


Here's my situation. I do not have DSL or cable available for internet where I live. I own my own business so internet and email is absolutely necessary. I have a Aircard 881 PC card installed in WKT5 G router from Linksys. I tried to connect an ethernet cable to the router but 2008.1 doesn't even recognize the card. If I load the boot CD and try to find someone that has DSL, I will need it see my card before I can download from the repository.

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So, wait, you have a router which provides a connection via cellular data, but your PC just connects to the router via regular Ethernet?


In that case, as far as Mandriva's concerned, it's just a perfectly standard Ethernet connection. It doesn't matter at all to Mandriva and your laptop how the router ultimately handles the Internet connection - that's the router's problem. All your laptop cares about is talking to router, which is done as a standard ethernet connection.


If I read your post wrong and this is not actually your situation, please clarify :)


So, further: in no case will the purchased version of Mandriva work better than the One edition for networking. The things that are unique to the purchased version are commercial software, and there's no commercial hardware drivers included, so as far as hardware support goes, One and Powerpack are basically identical.


Free has slightly worse hardware support out of the box than One or Powerpack, simply because it only contains free software; it doesn't contain any non-free-but-redistributable software, like the NVIDIA and ATI graphics card drivers, or the firmware for Intel wireless adapters. These are included in One and Powerpack. You can add them to Free easily once you have an Internet connection, but they're not there out of the box.


2009 does work with some hardware that didn't work with 2008 Spring, but we really need some more details on exactly how your network is set up and what the problem is before we can be sure what it is you need. But definitely don't go out and buy a Powerpack, yet - it's not the answer to this problem.

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Fully updated 2008.1 has the kernel


Fully updated 2009.0 has the kernel


That is that. Which means: your wifi will not work out-of-the-box in 2008.1, but it will work in 2009.0

And- your ethernet will work in 2008.1, but since the driver is problematic, it may not work as advertized ( ? ) until you upgrade to 2009.0

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2009 is great. I'm wireless with Linux. Thanks for you help.


On to the next issue. My old Gateway laptop. I loaded 2009 to have wireless for my sons to use but Linux turns off the wireless card when it comes on. I've tried to turn it back on via Fn+F2 buttons but no affect. I will try to get the brand and model of the wireless card. Maybe there is a command line way of turning it on.



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Gateway has a BroadCom Corp. BCM 4306 802.11b/g wireless LAN controller. 2009 sees the card but the linksys network in my home is not detected. Is there something to reset or turn on? should I try to connect it with an ethernet cable first to get it to see the linksys network? then try it wireless?



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