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  1. Gateway has a BroadCom Corp. BCM 4306 802.11b/g wireless LAN controller. 2009 sees the card but the linksys network in my home is not detected. Is there something to reset or turn on? should I try to connect it with an ethernet cable first to get it to see the linksys network? then try it wireless? Daveld
  2. 2009 is great. I'm wireless with Linux. Thanks for you help. On to the next issue. My old Gateway laptop. I loaded 2009 to have wireless for my sons to use but Linux turns off the wireless card when it comes on. I've tried to turn it back on via Fn+F2 buttons but no affect. I will try to get the brand and model of the wireless card. Maybe there is a command line way of turning it on. Daveld
  3. Well an update is in order. Thanks. Give me a few days and I hopefully I will responding via linux.
  4. I'm not sure what kernel 2008.1 free has. I guess if I moved to 2009, the kernel would be covered. Is the Atheros driver hard to load? I've loaded some things but very few.
  5. I have a Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet Controller and 2008.1 free will not recognize it. Anybody got any suggestions? Dave
  6. I use my wireless card with msvista. I would love to use wireless for 2008.1 but it doesn't recognize my wireless or ethernet card. Is working off the bootable disk going to cause any issues with the network hardware?
  7. I used a bootable CD. If I knew it would work differently after loading, I would continue to load. Here's my situation. I do not have DSL or cable available for internet where I live. I own my own business so internet and email is absolutely necessary. I have a Aircard 881 PC card installed in WKT5 G router from Linksys. I tried to connect an ethernet cable to the router but 2008.1 doesn't even recognize the card. If I load the boot CD and try to find someone that has DSL, I will need it see my card before I can download from the repository.
  8. Hi folks, I've just bought a great laptop but so far 2008.1 free doesn't recognize my ethernet card or wireless card. I have not loaded 2008.1 yet. Is the purchased 2009 got the goods to cure my issues? I can't do anything with 2008.1 free or Mandriva if I can't get online. I am a newbie (still). I work with Autocad engineering software and until Linux and Autocad play together well, I am stuck with msvista. Any suggestions? Here's the spec's Acer Aspire AS8930-6306 Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26G Screen 18.4" Memory Size 4GB DDR2 Hard Disk 320GB Optical Drive DVD Super Multi Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Video Memory 512MB Card slot 1 x Express Card Tech Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology CPU Type Intel Core 2 Duo CPU Speed P8400(2.26GHz) CPU FSB 1066MHz CPU L2 Cache 3MB Chipset Intel PM45 Screen Size 18.4" Wide Screen Support Yes LCD Features HD CineCrystal LCD Resolution 1680 x 945 GPU/VPU NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Video Memory Dedicated 512MB Graphic Type Dedicated Card HDD 320GB HD RPM 7200rpm HD Interface SATA Optical Drive Type DVD Super Multi Optical Drive Interface Integrated WLAN Intel 5100 a/g/n Card Slot 1 x Express Card Video Port 1 x HDMI Audio Integrated Sound card Speaker Internal Speakers Supplemental Drive Card Reader 6-in-1 Webcam Yes I know there is someone here can help me. David
  9. Sounds like 2008 is the answer. Even the sierra drivers are for a more up to date kernel than I have. I loaded the AT&T software for xp. Thanks everybody.
  10. Will not boot with it in and it shuts down when you insert it. At this point, it looks like there needs to be a hardware set-up prior to installing the card. Hate to admit it. The card does work in win xp.
  11. I have a Gateway 7415 laptop with Mandriva 2006 free on it and have just purchased a Sierra 881 wireless internet PC card from AT&T. The purpose of this was to be completely mobile but Mandriva obviously does not like the card. It will not boot up with it in the laptop. Is there anything that I should do prior to inserting the card while I'm in Mandriva? I am still a newbie with Linux so keep it simple as possible. I'm hoping it is something very simple anyway. If there is already a posting of this issue just point me in that direction.
  12. Mission Accomplished! I did use the ianw1974's suggestion to get it to work. I may have mis-typed Gowator's because it didn't work. Looking back at the suggestion, I think I may have put a space in the wrong place. I am finally replying in 2006 and it feels great. Thanks to everyone that had a part in "teaching an old dog a new trick."
  13. OK, this is where I'm at. I tried loading the nVidia driver "IA32" in Mandrake 10 and it worked. I had to get out of X before it would but I did that with everyone's help. Then I figured if it worked in 10 I could do it in 2006. So I installed 2006 over 10 leaving my hda7 (/home) partition untouched. I did the same thing only to get a message during the driver install about not having a "precompiled kernel" for installing the drivers. It also said something about source codes needed. Sorry about not having the exact message pasted in. I'll get that later. I was so frustrated I didn't write it down. I still think I'm closer and I'm wondering if has to do with the "nvidia-xconfig" files I also downloaded. I going to dig deeper into it tomorrow. Keep up the help, please.
  14. I downloaded NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8178-pkg1.run.txt & nvidia-xconfig-1.0.tar.gz from the nVidia website. I have 10 & 2006 loaded in separate partitions and the Geforce4 card installed. I'm sure I was suppose to know something more to set-up in my bootloader because it erased my 10 option. I chose 2006, ctrl+alt+F1 when it went blank, got to the comand line, typed mcc and tried setting up 10 in the bootloader but obviously "/boot/vmlinuz" is in the mbr & not on the hda that 10 is on. 10 is not running clean at all. Its probably a simple error on my part. Can you help me with that straight first? It will make accessing 2006 much easier & I will have 10 for my internet access. (in case you haven't figured it out, windoze has reduced me to a wimpering gui guy; I'm trying to change that) Once I get that straight I will definitely march on with your suggestions. Thanks for your help. Are these stupid questions?
  15. Is there a chance I can replace the xorg.conf in 2006 with the Mandrake 10 xorg.conf? I don't know how different the files will be. I have also downloaded the latest IA32 from nVidia with configuration instructions. My plan is to reload mdk 10 % Mandriva 2006 on my system. When I do that, I'm assuming I can read across the hda's to work on the files from inside 10 but that may not be the case. How friendly are the two versions? Would it not matter being in nano or vi doing the work?
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