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installing a touchscreen

Guest lomodohido

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Guest lomodohido

Hallo, i want to install a touchscreen into mandriva. But it didnt work. I installed the evtouch package and reboot the pc but it dosent work.

Now i want to know what i should do to run a touchscreen under mandriva

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Guest lomodohido


the touchscreen is typeFaytech 0800 SI 800x600 phisical resolution 8 inch.

I have installed the actual version evtouch from the Mandrive homepage. Cunrently installed is Mandriva 2009 ONE.

In hardware information I can see the touchscreen:



Hersteller: ‎D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd


Beschreibung: ‎eGalax TouchScreen


Medienklasse: ‎Human Interface Device|No Subclass|None



Bus: ‎USB


Bus PCI #: ‎2


PCI-Gerät #: ‎8


Hersteller ID: ‎0x0eef


Geräte-ID: ‎0x0001


Unterhersteller-ID: ‎0x0000


Geräte-Unter-ID: ‎0x0000



Modul: ‎touchkitusb



The display and mouse bahave normal if a mouse is connected. As soon as I replace the mouse at the USB connector with the Touchscreen no more mouse movement or mouse actions take place.

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Is the Modul:


loaded at boot.

You can check this by doing


as a root in the console and look if you see ‎touchkitusb somewhere in the list.

If not put a line called ‎touchkitusb in /etc/modprobe.preload (as root) and reboot.

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