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Eeepc solar powered (1000H)


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I have finally a bit of time to share my experience with solar power and the eeepc. I have made a little page on my website :


Link to my site


The site is "on" 7:30 -> 22:30 uk time to save energy...


I hope so will find it interesting and start charging their net books with the sun. I am in the UK and it works March -> end of September so those who live in sunny parts of the world no excuses!


My eeepc runs Mandriva 2009.1 with xfce and compiz...






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Still Running!


After my first Winter running my PC, and other appliances, from solar energy alone (let's call it Light energy, I live in the UK!), my battery is still charged!


Despite the very short days during the winter, I have managed to run my EeePC from sun light alone, I only had to use my mains charger when away from home and 2 days in February when we had snow (the PC's solar panel was obstructed).


Since that worked fine I took the plunge and we have converted the whole house with solar PVs on the East Roof (2kWh) and solar hot water on the west side. So far the results are excellent, I was a bit worried as we don't have a south facing roof. Despite a production less important than if it was South, we still manage 85% of the optimal production. Now since the beginning of March we have switched the boiler off and we sell 75% of the electricity produced to the grid.


I also built a solar oven in which I have cooked potatoes, Moroccan couscous and baked a bread (in April!).


So what's all that to do with Mandriva? Well, it's simple, Mandriva is Free (mostly) and it still shines, even i the UK!


Have a nice week end,



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Nice going Stef.


Most of Australia has been moving to Solar hot water heating fo some years. There are some five or more national Manufacturers in Australia and as far as I know little if any system is imported.( A lot of the early design/development and Manufacture originated here in Australia).

I think most of the State Governments are running subsidy schemes to increase the rate of installations. Wealthier home owners are also installing roof solar electricity panels as well, as you have done.

After I return from my planned visit to friends in the USA during December and January 2009/2010, I plan on setting up a roof solar electricity setup just for running my desktop computer and 24" LCD Monitor plus preipherals. Since I rent, I will need a removable system.


Cheers. John.

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Hi John,


You will not have a problem to do a portable/movable Photovoltaic system, it's very easy to setup, and in Australia you won't be short of Sun!



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