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Error during install, drive not ready.

Guest Qubie

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Hiyas all,


Ok, I put CD1 in my drive and boot from it, and on the first screen I hit enter to start the installation process. Then when all the system info and setup initialisation comes up it tells me:


hdc: status timeout : status=0x80 {busy}

hdc: drive not ready for command


I have 4 devices on my IDE channels, 2 hard drives on my first (60gig primary 40 gig slave) and my CD/DVD on my second (DVD primary, CDRW slave). I have tried the mandrake CD in my CDRW drive as well, it booted ok but stopped at the same stage.


I have an MSI KT3 Via 333 Motherboard with an Athlon XP 2000+, and 512 DDR. SB Live! Geforce 4 MX.


Any ideas?



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