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html/Konqueror/Mozilla question.......

chris z

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knowing me, i'll probably go back to the validator site at some point. just don't have the time to put into something like that right now. i just wanted to get those few kinks worked out. i'm looking at Scoopy's code compared to mine, & excuse my ignorance, but i'm not sure what's different. :? is it the "style=" tag? i'll keep dicking around with this when i get time. i still have to get recipes organized. then , when i get the wild hair to actually make this presentable, i'll probably get other ideas & want to make it more than i originally planned, which will lead to more work, more questions, more time spent at the computer,............. :shock:


ok...........what about Opera in Linux? i haven't even looked into it at the Opera site. i will at some point today, but for now, what format is the download? is it rpm or tar.gz? if it is a .tar file, do you need to compile, make, make install? what about plugins? will it use the Moz plugins, does it come with it's own, or do you have to get separate plugins just for Opera? and, finally, back to the banners/ads. that is totally unacceptable to me, no matter how good the browser might be. in Window$, i came across a registry hack that stripped the ads permanently from the free Opera download. unethical, perhaps........but, i'm not gonna pay for a browser. if there's no way to remove the ads from the free version, then don't worry about answering the questions before that.


thanks to all for the info, once again.



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