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Firefox 3 starts strangely when launched [solved]


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I have Mandriva 2009.


I have KDE 4 and KDE 3.5.10.


I use KDE 3.5.10 the most.



Today, I started my computer and chose to use KDE 3 from the KDM.


When KDE 3 started, I started Firefox 3.



However, Firefox 3 started in a strange fullscreen mode, as seen in my attached screenshot.


This problem happened again no matter how many times I started Firefox.



Then logged out of KDE 3 and into KDE 4, and started Firefox there, but the same problem happened.



Nothing similar happens when I start any other program.



Please help me fix this problem.



I'll be thankful for any help you can give me.


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It also happens to me, strangely enough only with firefox, whenever I have the compiz window manager active. I have to press F11 2-3 times to get the window decorator back. Switching to the regular xfwm4 window manager also solves the issue.

Why it's happening just with firefox- I frankly don't know...

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