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Autostart as root

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Due to a buggy driver for my rt2500 wifi chipset I have to manually run this below each time I start.


$ su

# iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M


Any idea how to autostart this, seeing as it requires a password input?





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You could add it to /etc/rc.local and then each time your system starts, it will be set automatically for you. Just add it as you type it except that you don't need to include the su bit, just the iwconfig line.

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Or, you can add iwconfig to the nopasswd exceptions of your sudoers file ( "visudo" in a root console) , and call it via "sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M" from any user startup script, e.g. the gnome startup manager, or .bashrc, or...

You must belong to the "wheel" group to be able to use sudo.

In some distros (dunno about Mandriva) you can run iwconfig as plain user if you belong to the "network" group.

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