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cdrdao/cdrecord permissions questions

chris z

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Hi chris z,


I wasn't shunning you, just had some troubles of my own, and no good ideas to propose for your problems.


You may want to contact texstar (have a look on www.pclinuxonline.com, his website) and ask him...


Anyway, it seems that your setup is finally according to plan, so I'm happy for you. What was that they say about linux and the steep learning curve...?? Nevermind... :twisted:

Enjoy burning cd's.


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thanks aRTee.........


the "shunning" comment wasn't meant as a slam to you, or anybody, so i hope you weren't offended. just me being goofy........ i see your problems on another thread, but that's beyond my scope of knowledge, so i hope somebody can help you out. i would e-mail texstar, but after reading some posts in the pclinux forum that tell texstar about certain "bugs", he (she?) seems to take offense at times, so i think i'll just let it go. from what i gather, texstar is a bit of a "purist" when it comes to Linux theology & according to that theology, "root" should have power over all & "users" have no business doing anything that they don't have permissions for, cd burning being one of them. i can see that point & can agree to it for certain situations, but i think a warning/disclaimer stating that would be nice. had a similar problem with texstar's KDE3.1.2 & 3 upgrades where it disabled my supermount & removed all of my drive icons from my desktop. when somebody pointed that out to texstar & asked why, he (she?) seemed quite offended that he should have to spend an extra 2 hours of coding to accomplish something that you should be able to figure out on your own. cest la vie...... ok, off topic rant (of sorts) again. so, thanks, & i will leave my cd burning programs alone for now. k3b for .iso's & data.......xcdroast for music. at least that's my preference for each of those programs. laters....


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No worries, I wasn't offended, just wanted to let you (and anyone else reading this after finding it in the search) know that you're not alone... ;)


Texstar is definitely a guy.


I didn't know some of his stuff turns off supermount and all (I know ixthusdan would agree, but I don't, supermount, or at least that functionality, is really needed) ; he does mandrake users a great service by providing rpms for the latest and greatest stuff, like kde, but I very rarely (never?) install any of his stuff, since I don't seek to have the nicest last kde version... basically I don't need much (any?) of his stuff.


And yes, I agree that normal users should be able to burn cd's. That is what permissions and groups are for. On the other hand, I agree with Texstar that root should be the only one with admin powers...


The guy is doing his best to provide rpms that people request; if he doesn't want to do anything more than he does, that's fine with me. I never paid him, since I don't think I use his stuff, but if people want to fill up his tip jar, that's fine with me too.


As a last remark: unless you can make audio cd's with xcdroast that don't have 2 second gaps between the songs, you will need gcdmaster.. ;)

(Or maybe nowadays cdrecord can do that, not just cdrdao..)


Anyway, happy burning!

(a colleague can't get his new 52x burner to function on his machine, win98, so he's ready to give my 12x burner a try, and I can use his -- he'll even swap with me for half the price he paid for his new burner.. ;) Happy burning to me too! :D )

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