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Get RFBDrake running on startup


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Hi, I can't believe how complicated vnc is on linux..... wow I have been playing with this junk for 2 days... But anyways :)


All I want is a vncserver for a local network that lets me control the MAIN terminal (terminal 0), I use KDE. I want the VNC user to use the same desktop as the monitor.


I have found vncserver incredibly complicated. The KDE one (krfb) works well, but my windows pc seems to not lick connecting to it, I get weirdo errors, "rect to big", "connection restarts", ect ect.


Rfbdrake actually works quite well. But it doesn't have an option to start on startup. Is there anyway to tell it to autostart and autoconfig the password?





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I am using x11vnc, which is made for connecting to REAL displays (unlike vncserver, which is for virtual ones). The quality is just fine, and the server is absolutely desktop-independent, which is a big plus.

The most stable client I've met is the original one (currently at version 4.1.2).

Usage is simple... you just create your passwd file ( ~./vnc/passwd ), the .vncrc control file, and then add "x11vnc -noncache" either to your desktop session manager, or to, say, .bashrc

And I won't agree: vnc is not more complex under linux. It's just that under windows you simply have no option to vnc to a virtual desktop! (this is possible using other remote utils, but not vnc).

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