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Down with Linux

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Ok, so back to the thread ...

Anyone out there using any OS's apart from Linux and windows...???

What do you like/dislike relative to Win$ and Linux..??


Anyone check out the links ?? 

Reason I brought this up is I got a copy of FreeBSD last week.

Dying to give it a go but I divested of everything but production machines a couple of weeks ago ..It struck me that its been a long time since i played with anything else and I wondered for instance if the new BeOS is really as good as it looks ... if expensive!


The only other OS's I use are Solaris Sparc, play around time-to-time with Solaris x86, FreeBSD & OpenBSD.


None of those listed above I feel have the Multimedia & GAMES that I can use in Linux. I'm just used to Linux and it has everything I want so that is why I use it the most. Plus it's FREE, (only talking against M$ here).

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Ok, I use Win2k at work and Linux (mdk) at home, and my fiancee also uses linux at home.


I also use Unix at work, all serious stuff is done on that, HP-UX on HP-PaRisc machines.


BTW this serious stuff is (being) ported to linux as we post....


I like win2k much much better than nt which I had until 1.5 months ago.


The greatest improvements are the icons that you can put on the taskbar to quickly start your apps. I have all necessary stuff there, rarely have to do start-programs etc. So I have my icon for:

Lotus Notes (if you can avoid this bugger, do so)

Mozilla firebird

Opera (luckily I had admin rights for a day so I could install it)

Exceed (which I need to step into the Unix world)

VNC (which I need to connect to the lab pc to control my measurements and run the stuff I develop on my local pc on labwindowsCVI)


I start explorer by hitting winkey+e, so don't need a shortcut icon for that.


Other than that Win2k brought me precious little; the gui is very much the same, the start menu opens nicer with blending but who cares???

Windowmanagement is crap, still can't set it up to behave like I want...


So WinNT/2k finish last.


Next: Unix.

The power to me. Yes we have some 32GB Ram servers, and sometimes I launch jobs that actually need more than 2 or 3GB of those. Rarely, since that kind of job will just take a long time anyway, it's better to keep things smaller.

Windowmanagement is much better, using cde. Copy and paste with the mouse, lmb select, mmb paste. Oh yeah! I actually sometimes copy the lab results files to unix, then put the data in the right order etc then put things back onto the windows world into a .doc or so...


Korn shell is not too bad, they set things up so you can navigate nicely with the mouse, meaning if you do a ls, then select a subdir by double clicking (left mb), hitting rmb to paste it with three dots in front:

... [file/dirname]

if it was a dir, the shell will do a cd into that dir (and ls to show the contents), if it is any recognised file format, like a text file, it will get opened in the right browser, nedit for text, gv for .ps and acrobat reader for .pdf to name a few. Selecting empty space and rmb sends you up one level.

The thing I hate about ksh is that it doesn't have tab completion, it has esc-completion, but only completes if there is only one possibility.

Meaning: in a dir with file1forthemoney and file2fortheshow


cp f[esc]

doesn't get you anywhere. You have to do

cp file1[esc-esc]

(note: you actually have to hit esc twice. Just as dumb as doubleclicking icons...) to get

cp file1forthemoney


You can do

cp [esc followed by =]

which will propose whatever options you have, but this means you have to use both your left and right hand (esc and the =-sign are too far away...). And you still have to type.


And on top of that, there is no completion for commands.


There is the nice windowbehaviour that you can middle click a window to background etc.


Jobmanagement is cool too, running jobs on all kinds of servers with load balancing etc.


Then there is linux.

Here's a great winner, best windowmanager (kde, I can adapt it to my exact wishes), and I am root/have the root password.

No secrets, no forbidden things. I can do all I want.... ;-)


Anyway, linux is just more popular than *bsd or other systems, and I don't believe in non-FLOSS software anymore, for standard applications.


Sure, for niche products, high end stuff

- databases (high end only)

- chip design stuff (some programs have a 100.000 USD license fee, anually..)

and then some.


But for all regular stuff:

Operating Systems



multimedia: cd, mp3/ogg, dvd, etc



I don't think there will/should be a large proprietary market much longer.


To get back to my point: linux has more momentum than *bsd, so in that sense it is better.


Is there more in the world than linux?


Do I care?

Not really. :D Nice to hear about, not nice enough to try, at this moment anyway...


One more thing: changing distro/OS would also mean not working or even stopping my website,... and I set that up for friends that I converted... so I have some (albeit small) obligation there...


Djeezz, I should get back to work really... ;)

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Hey thanks guys :wink:


On a seperate note I think you can set the filec envvar in HP-UX. This then does command completion ...


One important aspect is you mention you like Linux cos you have the root password...

You might like UNIX more if you did. I did once ....alas no more...

However I agree on the NON FLOSS market for web-browsing/GP machines.

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