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Can't log into KDE


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So, last night I shut the laptop down as normal, and tonight when I start her up, she gives me a login screen. I have auto login set, so thought it was a bit odd. Logged in, only to find myself in IceWM instead of KDE. Logged out, but there were no options to login to KDE or Gnome, and using anything other than IceWM (custom/default/failsafe) spits me back out to the login screen. I've googled but nothing seemed relevant.


Can anyone suggest anything I can try? Anywhere I can find details on why suddenly my laptop hates me? I'm using Mandriva 2007 Spring and would love to be back in my nice safe KDE where I can access all my files, because I don't seem to be able to use much apart from a browser in IceWM.


I'm uh, slightly technically challenged, so I like it when my computer just *works*


Thanks :)

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urpmi task-kde

Apparently there is no such package, grr. Ok, my next next step is ... ok I don't have a next step. I need my files, so if I backup via command line, I have no problems reinstalling Mandriva, might even upgrade to 2008.1 ... I see no other option, which is sad. I switched to linux to avoid this sort of thing, I hated having to reinstall windoze every time something went wrong :/

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Apparently there is no such package, grr.


And equally apparently, you either run the above command as plain user and not root, or you haven't set your URPMI repos.

task-kde is a metapackage, and it does exist to Mandriva 2007, 2007.1, 2008, 2008.1...


Reinstalling will not lead you anywhere... and will cost more time than a rather simple fix. Better set your repos right now and run, as suggested, "urpmi task-kde" in a ROOT konsole (kdesu konsole).

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