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2009 rc1


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unlike viking, I like the splash screen but I just don't seem to get one...


Next time you boot, when you get to the grub screen highlight the Mandriva entry and press F2. At the end of the options line add the entry:




Then press enter and I bet you get the splash screen back - that is how it works for me anyway.


If you want it permanently edit /boot/grub/menu.lst with the same entry.

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task-kde4-minimal requiring openoffice.org-core is actually a bug caused by over-enthusiastic provides in openoffice (really, it depends on libraptor.so.1 and libredland.so.0 , which openoffice.org-core claims to provide but really shouldn't, as it has private copies of them that the rest of the system cannot use). I will fix this, or get our OO.o maintainer to fix it.

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