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I got Cooker going again


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I got Cooker running on my new laptop!!


That may not sound much to you guys, but I am dead chuffed about it. When you consider that the way I did it is to take an image from the old machine and drop it onto the new one and then configure it all, then for me that is quite some achievement. The old laptop had different hard disk partitions mounted in a different manner (uuid as opposed to by-label on the new machine) and even a different graphics card for which no drivers existed on the old install, and I could only connect to the internet via a terminal and using a gprs modem (at less than dial up speed!). I must admit that this would have been virtually impossible without the wondrous 'drakconnect' - this program alone makes Mandriva the best distro around, it really is worth its weight in gold to me, I would never have achieved it with anything else. XFdrake helped a lot too.


The graphics on it are stunning - no idea why, but they are much better than 2008.1.


It still doesn't boot properly mind, but I didn't really expect it to as it never did on the old machine either and I haven't been able to update it because my net connection is so slow tonight.


If you compare the success I have had with this, to the abject failure that I have had trying to boot Vista (which should just work as I have only shrunk the partition) then the superiority and ease of use of Linux shines through.


Anyway I am very pleased with myself :thumbs:

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