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Installing Epson Stylus C62 [solved]


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I just installed Mandriva 2008.1 today and so far love it, coming from ubuntu.


There is one teething problem I am having with it though.

I can't set up my printer.


It is a Epson Stylus C62.


I chose it from the printer lists and everything and the printer is connected via the parallel port.

But it won't print.

What option shall I pick for where it is plugged in?

Since it is in the parallel port.





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Ok, I'll try that.


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From your PM, I understand that it still won't print.


When you go to the CUPS menu (link I gave above, assuming CUPS is installed), does it see your printer?


If it does, that's good.


When you get to the step where it asks for a driver, is there an exact match for your printer model?


And, I have to ask: Is the printer turned on/plugged in? :P

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Well, at first - it didn't detect the printer.

And it was turned on and plugged into the parallel port.

But - I didn't realise to restart my computer to get it to work.

So now, it's working.


Thanks so much for helping Liquidzoo



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