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Web/Graphic Apps?


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I've read a little on other forums about web development apps (like dreamweaver) and design apps (like fireworks). Some people say use wine and the adobe products, others say to try some of the unsupported apps out there written just for linux. Are there any new solutions for linux, or should i try to wine it (never used wine; i'm a linux noob)



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I'm both, that's why dreamweaver is nice; you can switch between the two, and it has shortcuts for commonly used html, php, css, etc...
I'm not a WYSIWYG type...so in Linux I usually use screem for web page development, with GIMP for images. (admittedly, most of my development is done in OS X now)


For vector graphics try Inkscape.
You probably won't be using svg's in web development, unless you create them and export them to a raster. Most browsers do not support svg. Edited by tyme
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But having the raw source in svg form is handy so that it's easier to edit and regenerate.
Aye. I used this technique when creating a graphic for my friends game company (their game is still in dev, writing it all from the ground up).
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