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Well, servers aren't laptops. This article suggests the HDD killer is laptop-mode http://ubuntudemon.wordpress.com/2007/10/2...ive-killer-bug/Is there any substance in this report?


That's not seagate. And that's got nothing to do with the hardware itself. It's the software in use.


laptop-mode is disabled by default..... Too aggressive powermanagement settings by laptop-mode will cause the head of your harddrive to park and unpark too often......

Laptop mode is a pretty awesome set of scripts that can help save a tonne of power.


In this situation, laptop mode is off by default, and these distros are including overly aggressive default settings.


That ubuntu bug is terribly misleading too. There's people running around like chooks with their heads cut off expecting their drive to fail tomorrow because they misread the output of smartctl. This apparent "issue" isn't something new. It's something that will sat there for years until someone panicked. Hard drives aren't actually failing left right and center, otherwise we'd have heard about it by now.

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Steve, your problem could be a lens focus setting or rotation speed setting that has slightly shifted with time.

I have this problem at home, were my salon's CD drive doesn't burn anymore, and has more and more difficulties in "seeing" inserted media. Often, it won't see a DVD, and I have to open the tray, shift the media a bit to present it at a different angle, and close the tray again a couple of times before it painfully manages to see the media.


I've often had this problem with aging music CD readers, except with these I know how to open them apart and turn the right "potentiomètre" to set the acuracy right again.



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Once upon a time, the solution was cleaning the laser lens to remove dust. But currently, all laser lenses are made of cheap plastic, so using the oldfashioned cleaning kits will render them useless.

If you have the patience, remove the drive from the bay, then remove the top cover, and then use a can of compressed air (sold in pretty much any electronics' store) to clean the lens. No chemicals, no direct touch of the lens (this will misalign it, and the repair will cost more than a new drive).

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