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Fallen at the first hurdle


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The fact that other users say they don't have problems related to SATA doesn't mean a thing if two types of problems such as we have are readily reproduced install after install and as I try to keep reminding everyone, these problems did not occur in 2008 or earlier versions.


I didn't want to say that there is no problem, but it is not easy to find a solution if it works on my hardware, since I have no way to see where Mandriva Spring faults, the fact that you have problems with the same chipset that works flawless for me doesn't make it easier.

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I am sad you are not sticking around Mandriva but I can understand.


Cheers. john.


Don't write me off completely, yet. I still have PC2, which I hope to be upgrading with a new motherboard very soon so that I can take advantage of my (currently redundant) Athlon 64 X2 4200 and PCIe RX700 graphics card, so I may try there, where I'll be using plain, old fashioned IDE.


And I'll keep my eye on developments here for news of a fix. My brief foray into the Mandriva community, whilst not being particularly productive (through no fault of yours), has been pleasurable. I'll keep the bookmark live at my end.


On the plus side, it seems that Ubuntu 8.04 has fixed one of the more annoying problems here which involved jumping through various hoops just to get the soundcard working. This time it worked out of the box, so it's not all bad :)



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