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  1. Don't write me off completely, yet. I still have PC2, which I hope to be upgrading with a new motherboard very soon so that I can take advantage of my (currently redundant) Athlon 64 X2 4200 and PCIe RX700 graphics card, so I may try there, where I'll be using plain, old fashioned IDE. And I'll keep my eye on developments here for news of a fix. My brief foray into the Mandriva community, whilst not being particularly productive (through no fault of yours), has been pleasurable. I'll keep the bookmark live at my end. On the plus side, it seems that Ubuntu 8.04 has fixed one of the more annoying problems here which involved jumping through various hoops just to get the soundcard working. This time it worked out of the box, so it's not all bad :) Steve
  2. Hi again, John. I have an Abit KN9Ultra MB (NF5 chipset) with 2 Hitachi SATA II drives, 250Gb each, and two LG DVDRW (also Sata). IDE mode is set at the BIOS (and clearly working since I can boot the LiveCD). It is starting to look like Mandriva may simply be a non-starter here. I'm sure that if I was prepared to sacrifice the contents of my drives I could get it installed, but that is quite simply not an option. I have a highly cutomised install of Windows on drive 1, which I don't relish the thought of re-installing (it's a 3 day job), and a lot of personal data on drive 2 (though as I said, the first 100Gb of drive 2 is free for the Linux install). To rule out local problems, I downloaded the latest Ubuntu distro (8.04) - which installed without a hitch. I think I may have to stick with that for the moment, until this problem is fixed. Regards Steve
  3. Thanks again - but here's the crux of the problem. despite my drives being setup as JBOD (no RAID config whatsoever) - mandriva is seeing a single drive of close on 500 gig. In other words - it sees a striped RAID array where it doesn't exist. In Windows (and Ubuntu - including 8.04) I have two disks, but Mandriva sees one large drive. For the record - I do not now, nor have I ever, setup a RAID array. I have RAID disabled at BIOS level, and so I'm baffled as to why, but c'est la vie say the old folks (Chuck Berry quote). I'm starting to think this is a bug in the partitioner - but surely that would affect other distros too? Steve
  4. Thanks John. That's not what I meant. I already have CD/DVD set as first boot device anyway (I find it easier that way). What I meant is in order to install onto the 2nd SATA drive, if I understood your original reply properly, I need to remove the first SATA from the equation. Rather than physically disconnecting it, installing Mandriva, reconnecting, and then finding a way to manually edit grub already installed in sda1, can I simply disable sda in BIOS, then boot the CD to install to sdb, re-enable sda at the BIOS, and worry about trying to edit grub on sda after that? TIA Steve
  5. Wow - at last - thanks for the replies folks - and it's good to know it's not me going nuts. I'm certainly no stranger to playing with the hardware (both PC's are self builds) so I can quite happily disconnect sda to install Mandriva. Neither drive is jumpered, so changing jumpers is not an option (Edit: I tell a lie - they are SATA II by default - I can jumper them to SATA I if required). I suspect part of my problem is that, whilst not quite identical, the two drives are extremely close to each other in terms of spec (simply different revisions of the same drive) which would tend to lean towards the conclusion that they are in a RAID configuration. Before I start playing, if I may ask for additional info. i. Can I get away with simply disabling sda in the BIOS and booting from the CD to install? ii. Will my data on the NTFS partitions of what is (currently) sdb be safe (it's all my personal stuff - though the free space for Linux is at the start of the disk) iii. Since GRUB is currently installed on sda - what sort of problems can I expect when setting up the dual boot with Win XP. Would I be advised to restore the MBR from XP recovery console on sda before proceeding (losing Grub is not a problem right at this moment in time)? Thanks once again for replying. Steve
  6. OK - this is driving me insane. To try to get around the problem, I installed Ubuntu which will accept the empty space for the new Linux partitions without a problem. Now I have booted the Mandriva LiveCD and tried to install, expecting to be able to format the Ubuntu partitions and use them, but I get the same error that Mandriva doesn't understand the partition table. When I use the config tool to partition manually, it is clear that Mandriva is seeing my standard SATA drives as a RAID array, lumping the two together into a single disk. Is there a switch I can use at bootup to tell Mandriva this is NOT a RAID array, but simply two disks? Please please help - I really like the look of this distro and desperately want to try it properly. TIA Steve
  7. Having been an Ubuntu user for a while, and hitting some problems, followed by reading good things about Mandriva - I thought I'd give it a go. Downloaded the ISO and burned to a disk, booted - and got to the desktop - and I have to say my first impressions were good. So - time to install, and here's where my problems start. I have 2 SATA HD's - 250Gig each. Windows is on the first, with a couple of NTFS partitions on the second. The first 100Gb on disk 2 is free and available for the linux install. With Ubuntu - I had no problem with this. However, Mandriva complains that the partition table is too corrupted and kindly offers to wipe the disk. The reported size of the disk is 490Gb - which suggests it thinks I have a RAID setup (I don't - they are JBOD). How can I install to my free space on disk 2 without screwing up my existing Win installation (and the data on the backend 150Gb on disk 2 - which is kinda important to me). TIA Edit: Config: MB Abit KN9Ultra (RAID disabled at BIOS), AMD Athlon X2 6400, ATI X1950GT, 2GIG PC 6400 @ 800Mhz, 2 x 250Gig SATA HD (with install space for LInux at the start of disk two - grub is on disk one), 2x SATA DVD-RW. The partition table should show sda1 Windows, sda2 NTFS, sda3 NTFS, sdb1 Ext 3, sdb2 swap, sdb3 NTFS, sdb4 NTFS(scratch partition for temp, Windows pagefile etc)
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