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Phoronix Test Suite


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I came across this article and wondered if anyone has managed to usethis benchmark with Mandriva.




Also, if you use benchmarking, what is the latest in Linux systems for all round benchmarking of a system?





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To reply to my own query, yes the Phoronix test suite which has been released does work and is in fact quite promessing in terms of a complete benchmark for Linux systems.




After downloading the compressed basic file from their website, extract it somewhere. To run the program the only dependency to install is PHP5 CLI (urpmi php-cli).


Then here is the number of tests and suite of tests available :


[root@localhost phoronix-test-suite]# ./phoronix-test-suite list-tests

Phoronix Test Suite - Benchmarks

build-imagemagick	- ImageMagick Compilation		[Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
build-linux-kernel   - Timed Linux Kernel Compilation [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
build-mplayer		- Timed MPlayer Compilation	  [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
build-php			- Timed PHP Compilation		  [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
compress-gzip		- Time Gzip Compression		  [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
doom3-demo		   - Doom 3 (Demo)				  [Status: UNKNOWN, License: NON-FREE]
doom3				- Doom 3						 [Status: UNKNOWN, License: NON-FREE]
encode-flac		  - FLAC Audio Encoding			[Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
encode-mp3		   - LAME MP3 Encoding			  [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
encode-ogg		   - Ogg Encoding				   [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
etqw-demo			- Enemy Territory: Quake Wars	[Status: UNKNOWN, License: NON-FREE]
etqw				 - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars	[Status: UNKNOWN, License: NON-FREE]
fgl-glxgears		 - ATI fgl_glxgears			   [Status: VERIFIED, License: CLOSED]
hdparm-read		  - hdparm Timed Disk Reads		[Status: UNVERIFIED, License: FREE]
memory-bandwidth	 - Bandwidth					  [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
nexuiz			   - Nexuiz						 [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
quake4			   - Quake 4						[Status: UNKNOWN, License: NON-FREE]
ramspeed			 - RAMspeed					   [Status: VERIFIED, License: FREE]
super-pi			 - Super PI					   [Status: VERIFIED, License: UNKNOWN]

[root@localhost phoronix-test-suite]# ./phoronix-test-suite list-suites

Phoronix Test Suite - Suites

- Audio Encoding Test Suite  (audio-encoding)
- Timed Code Compilation Tests  (compilation)
- Phoronix Test Suite For Gaming  (gaming)
- Phoronix Test Suite For Graphics  (graphics)
- Motherboard Tests  (motherboard)
- Recursion Test Of Audio Encoding  (recursion-test)
- System Memory Test Suite  (system-memory)
- Universe Test Suite  (universe)


The options when running the software are as follow :


Phoronix Test Suite
install <suite OR benchmark>: Install or Update The Specified Benchmark(s)
run <suite OR benchmark>: Run The Specified Benchmark/Suite
benchmark <suite OR benchmark OR saved file>: Same as manually running install and then run
merge-results <Saved File 1 OR Global ID> <Saved File 2 OR Global ID> <Save To>: Merge two saved result sets
remove-result <Saved File>: Remove this saved result file and associated files
list-tests: List all Phoronix Test Suite Benchmark profiles
list-suites: List all Phoronix Test Suites
list-saved-results: List all saved results
upload <Saved File>: Upload these results to be shared globally
build-php: Build A Local Copy Of PHP For The Phoronix Test Suite


For example, to install the suite for mp3 encoding :


[root@localhost phoronix-test-suite]# ./phoronix-test-suite 

[root@localhost phoronix-test-suite]# ./phoronix-test-suite run encode-mp3
Would you like to save these benchmark results (Y/n)? Y
Benchmark results will be saved.
Enter a name to save (or merge) these results: encode-mp3
Enter a unique identifier for distinguishing this series of tests: 01

Phoronix Test Suite will record results!

Executing Pre-Benchmark Tasks

LAME MP3 Encoding Benchmark (Run 1 of 3)
WAV To MP3 Encode Time: 28.55 Seconds

LAME MP3 Encoding Benchmark (Run 2 of 3)
WAV To MP3 Encode Time: 28.06 Seconds

LAME MP3 Encoding Benchmark (Run 3 of 3)
WAV To MP3 Encode Time: 28.06 Seconds

Executing Post-Benchmark Tasks

LAME MP3 Encoding:

28.55 Seconds
28.06 Seconds
28.06 Seconds

Average: 28.22 Seconds
Results Saved To: /root/pts-test-results/encode-mp3.xml
Do you want to view the results in your web browser (y/N)? y
Would you like to upload these results to PTS Global (y/N)? y

Uploading: /root/pts-test-results/encode-mp3.xml
Results Uploaded To: http://global.phoronix-test-suite.com/index.php?k=profile&u=root-29303-14160-11070


A gui version will be available but is not here yet.





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Guest kozaki

Phoronix is a great benchmark suite. And it has a GUI (available on Mandriva since 2009.0) that even has a nice icon ;)

Find pretty cool to compare my Linux box with a bunch of other hardware/distros/users :)

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Got it installed. After installing the kernel headers and a couple of dependencies, I was able to install the Phoronix Test Suite (206 deps). After it was installed, I found it in the kmenu under Tools > System Tools. I opened the app and found that I still had to install any tests that I wanted to run. I installed one test from within the app and ran it. So far, so good.

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