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Question about DVD players [solved]

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Hello all!

I am doing a subtitle translation for a film festival.

This requires moving back and forward in film quite a bit, especially when translating by ear.

Currently I've found that my best choice for player is Kaffeine, where i can use keyboard arrows to move by 20 seconds (most other players only allow to move by minute or even longer).

Do you know of any other player that would allow configuring this setting? Or player where this setting would be smaller, like 5 seconds?



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In mplayer left\right arrows moves back\forward 10 seconds, up and down 1 minute and PageUp and PageDown 10 minutes. I don't know if it's configurable though.

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Did not see any configuration possibility, but 10 secs is much-much better :)

Exactly what I was hoping for.


Wahur, knee-deep in zombies and vampires :D

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