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Remaster question

Guest akovia

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I am new to MCNLive and though I love it out of the box I still would like to make some changes. The problem I am seeing is after I remove a package, it is actually making the image larger. I am using the package manager to configure the packages and if I select a package, it shows the size of the files down at the bottom.


Selected: 0B / Free Disk Space: 600MB


So when I select say Filezilla. it shows "Selected: 11MB" and drops the disk space by 11MB. But if I select a package to remove, I get the exact same thing and instead of freeing up disk space, removing packages actually USES disk space. So no matter if I add or remove packages, it eats up space.


Another thing I noticed is that after I remove a package, I can still launch it from the menu. I wanted to remove all Koffice programs and add OOO instead. It went through the motions of removing everything but I noticed the icons were still listed in the main menu. Of course my curious nature got the best of me so I tried it and Boom!, Kword opened without a hitch even after I removed it.


So I was just wondering if these were just anomalies since everything is in RAM atm and will be fixed once I start the remaster process, or am I doing something wrong? Any guidance would be most appreciated.


Many Thanks,


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a few things


#1 I went through the same thing for a LONG time w/ MCNL as far as removing packages.

Once you remove packages you need to clear out ALL your temps and REMASTER. That should take care of a few things, including the fact that youre ICONS are still there and you can still run them. Also it's been my experience that you REALLY need to remove a LOT of stuff and then remaster in order to affect the size of the image.

I was using mine as a desktop install and remastering to DVD and saw my image go from 2.1GB to almost 3.9 in a heartbeat, but getting it below 3.1 GB was almost impossible.


I believe that both youre problems are related. Are you used to using windows? if so maybe this example will help. We all know that things arent REALLY deleted even though we delete them, until something ELSE is written in THAT physical space. Well a lot of times software installs are similar.


In windows you can TRY and uninstall MSWORD, but until you REBHOOT your system, its not going to show ANY differences in your windows setup.


now MCNL is a little different OS, since it was designed as a LIVE system, a simple reboot wont help, it will actually undo everything you did.


So in MCNL you need to remove your packages, REMASTER your OS, BURN the new ISO and THEN reboot


after you do that you SHOULD find your apps have been removed, and IF its a big emough difference your system should no longer have access to them PLUS you size should show some difference.


hope that helps.



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