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kernel for 2 quad core

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I have a server with intel quad core processor, but due to demand, we plan to add second quad core processor to that server, my question is, will the current kernel will automatically detect the second quad core processor on the same machine? I have not personally tried it.


btw, I'm using Centos 5 2.6.18-xx.el5 #1 SMP, does this mean that support for what am going to do is out of the box?


thanks! :D



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I know this is late and I reply to post twice a year :)


Easiest way to see what your kernel supports.


# grep NR_CPUS /boot/config-2.6.18-53.1.14.el5 


This is an i686 laptop.


If your running 64-bit version on your server, it should be 64. 64 is set on Fedora 8x64 but I don't have a x64 Centos server at home. Either case if it is only 32 that should cover your 8 :)

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