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Can't connect to the internet


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I installed Mandriva 2008.0 on my Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop just yesterday and can't figure out how to get online. I went to the control center, went under hardware, and saw that the system recognizes the ethernet controller. I do have a docking station (where the ethernet port is; I don't have an ethernet port in the the laptop itself), and checked to make sure that the system recognizes the docking station; so I plugged in a usb mouse into the docking station and it started working fine - so the docking station IS recognized by the system.


To try and set up an internet connection, I went to control center, Network, and clicked on "Start new connection" and went through the steps, keeping all options at whatever default they were. Then at the end it says "installing packages" and then gives me an error message saying the packages did not install.


Can someone please help me with this? I'm completely new to linux so if I have to go through any Konsole command prompt steps, could you please give me baby steps on what to do.


Thank you.

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Control center is trying to install some packages for properly working network service. You just could specify the source of packages, a CD, DVD, http url, ftp url, online repository... So, just go to source section and make sure there is a DVD source of packages.

Then you could install some packages from DVD via software control section of the control center. When you add "a new connection" just put your install DVD in the DVD-rom and control center automatically will detect needed packages and sources.

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