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App to Monitor ADSL Connection

Guest joe_totale

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Guest joe_totale

Am having problems with broadband connection - always appears to be connected, but needs multiple refreshes to load web pages. I think this is causing problems with VNCing into work from home, connection is made but frequently crashes. This is quite important as I am engineer for a radio station and have to VNC once every couple of evenings.


Can anyone recommend an app I can leave running on my home server that will check my broadband connection status every x minutes and keep a log of connection status, available bandwidth etc?


Have asked BT to check phone line and Virgin (ISP) to check connection status - both companies report no problems. Nothing unusual in router logs.


Am keen to find out info that will point towards whether problem lies at my end with my router, phone line or ISP - not sure if this is possible.


Thanks for any pointers




P.S. Am running MDV 2008.0. Network connection = BT line, ISP = Virgin unlimited, router = Netgear DG834

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