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IM: Installing and Configuring Mandrake

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IM: Installing and Configuring Mandrake

  • IM-01: How do I install Mandrake from the harddrive?
  • IM-02: How to Configure Mandrake/Where is the Control Panel?
  • IM-03: How do I get more software for Mandrake Linux?
  • IM-04: How do I disable/enable supermount?
  • IM-05: How do I mount music CDs in Linux?
  • IM-06: read and write permission on Windows partition
  • IM-07: How do I start programs at boot?
  • IM-08: What Linux software corresponds to Windows software?
  • IM-09: Filesystem Layout Partitioning
  • IM-10: Dual-Booting with Windows
  • IM-11: Copying And Burning CD's with K3b
  • IM-12: How To Participate in the MDK Cooker Project
  • IM-13: How to Make a Boot CD
  • IM-14: Creating CD's from the FTP Tree
  • IM-15: How do I make my NTFS partition writable?

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