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Linux server opportunity - need guidance

Guest mxarbour

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Guest mxarbour



After seven years pushing Linux at my company, I finally get a chance to

install my first server.


I need guidance choosing packages that I will require to make it run like a

charm. I already know a little about Linux and I can read the documentation

relating to the packages I need to install. The only thing I need would be

knowledge of the names of those packages.


I intend on using Mandrake 8.2 and the need is for:

- One server serving 3 websites (static pages with apache: that, I can

manage without problems)

- POP account for those 3 domains (I have no idea for this)

- Online real time statistics (here neither)

- Proxy server (is it really required and how to config it)

- Firewall for protection (how to setup for incoming/outgoing email from the

lan, http from the lan and the net)


Out of those 3 domains, one is a fully qualified domain (www.ci2.ca) and the

two others are dyndns.org dynamic domains. They will reside in a fixed IP

address server.


1 particularity is that clients for the 1st domain will be on the LAN, does

this require any special configs on the server or the client side? I also

need info on allowing telnet login from the LAN, but not the net.


I would also appreciate if any kind of procedure or linuxvoodoo type

websites could be given to me since I will not get a second chance to make

this server work.


Any help would be appreciated.


Best regards


Marc Arbour

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Guest mxarbour

Thanks for the info.


Went there and downloaded the server manual. The broplem I run into is that, in that manual, I am told, for example, to access the webmin control panel for apache...


The thing is that they don't tell how to access that.


That doc is good, but just a little to dry for my actual level of Linux Knowledge.




Marc Arbour


They said to install Windows 95 or better...

So I installed Linux!

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Just install it first. For mandrake 9, urpmi webmin should do it. Otherwise, use rpmdrake (open console type rpmdrake) and locate webmin. If you can't find it for some reason, then look on the internet. You will like webmin. It's a browser interface for managing your linux system. It's huge in what it does.

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