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How do I share a USB harddisk with Samba? [solved]

Guest razedk

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I have samba enabled and running, and sharing a folder is incredible easy using konqueror on a normal harddisk. When I right-click a folder and click on Share I get a properties page with a Share tab. But when doing the same on my USB harddisk folder (icon) the Share tab is gone.


So my question is, how do I enable sharing of my USB harddisk ?



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Shot it the dark here but -


I first thought it was due to the mounting arguments. You see I had a hard time sharing a fat32 filesystem over samba until I used different arguments in fstab. Im not at home but I think it was the umask=000 option.


I think usbdrives are commonly fat32 (guess) so it may be the mounting arguments. Just a thought.

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I don't know if the user mask has anything to do with it but maybe.


This is what I did:


1) Changed umask from 0222 to 0 to have write access

2) Mounted the drive using Mandriva Linux Control Center - Network Sharing - Manage Samba configuration.


For some odd reason I couldn't mount the disk by right clicking on /media/hd and do sharing that way. But doesn't matter now, it works and I am happy.


Thanks for the advice

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