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Synaptic Repos?


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I was able to get a few Repos into the sources.list but the backports seemed not to take. Contrib / main / PLF backports came back with errors.


I really like synaptic so Ill keep trying to get it to work. I may end up going back to PCLinuxOS.


Nothing wrong with urpmi just I prefer apt-get / synaptic.

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not to take over this thread but -


Can anyone off the top of there head give me the urpmi command that tells me the total number of packages available via the urpmi repos?


I want to make sure when (if) I get synaptic working that it has the same amount of packages loaded as urpmi.



Anyone else trying out synaptic with Mandy? I figured since they bought Conectiva they would have more support for it - even though urpmi is a fine system.

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