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Am I headed in the right direction? [solved]


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Ok using MMC i deleted the 3 linux partitions and the D drive, now i boot linux. Then click on live install, i select use free space, it says formating hda7 etc. mounting, then goes to a loading screen were it shows me the 3 linux products on the mandriva home page. After that finish's it goes away and nothing happens. I go to the linux control center to see the disk partitions, i have my windows one, and 3 new ones, the new ones are as listed. first partition is 1.88GB

second is 384MB

third is 1.25GB


all are 100% free, but in linux it said that the first one is 2% used and the third one is 1% used. But like i said windows shows them as 100% free.


So i setup a bootlog and rebooted since i thought it was installed, btw if the installation window is just the 3 linux products and a bar i think it should say what its doing and the percentage complete instead of just having a bar but w/e.


Anyways i reboot and windows loads again.


So im not sure its ever even installing with that window, my next step is to go back through and click live install, after that its going to give me the option to use existing partitions, then from experience last time of doing this its going to set the 3rd partitions which is 1.25gb as /home and give me the option to set the other one to something, what do i set it to.


Sorry this is getting frustrating and theres no desgrevancy whether or not its a 80GB drive, most HD sold at that point in time i bought this one were a few GB under what they were listed, it doesnt have anything to do with gigibyte or gigabyte or gigabit or gigabyte, its just most HD out there arent listed to be sold as a 74.5gb drive or sofourth.


Anyways if I cant get this to work by friday im going to download the installer again but this time not the live installer and see if that helps. Friday i will have access to a BB connection.


Im not liking the installation process so far, it doesnt tell me what its doing and i have no idea whether or not its installed, when the percentage bar goes away it gives no instruction it just goes back to the KDE desktop.


But now under system storage after i click the desktop icon even though partition manager shows i have 4 partitions system storage only shows my C and it says unmounted. But thanks for the help and i have no further ideas atm so ill view the board and thanks to everyone thats taking the time out of there day to assist.

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use existing space


I assume that's a typo. You want the "Use free space" option.


(Sorry I didn't notice that there was a page 2.)




From your latest post, it looks as though one of two things have happened: Either you need more more than 3.5G to install Mandriva ONE, or the installer has used an insane partitioning scheme, by making "/" too small and /home too large. I'd call that a pretty serious bug.




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Although Linux could use 3G just fine, I would recommend using the second drive. I experiment with various distros with 10G partitions. I think that 5G is about the smallest to use, but I would not recommend shrinking the Windows partition.

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So what are my options for getting this installed? If i delete the partitions i will have 3589mb of unallocated space 3859/1024 = 3.50GB


What the installer did when you selected "use free" space was to create three partitions one for the system, one for your personal files and a swap partition. Whatever formula it used to decide how much space to assign to each resulted in the space for the system being too small. An alternative approach is to create just two partitions - a partition of about 3.3G which will combine the system and your personal files, and a swap partition of about 200mb.


1. Delete the partitions to get about 3.5G of unused space, as before.


2. When you run the installer, select "Custom partitioning". You will then see a page with a bar graph with a large blue section (your windows partition) and a smaller white section (the free space).


3. Click in the white space and select "Create" from the list of options below the bar graph.


4. You'll then see a page with a slider. You want to move the slider about 95% of the way across. (The counter may help in estimating this.)The "Mount point" should be shown as "/" (a single slash).


5. Click on OK and you should be back at the bar graph which should now also have a red section and a smaller white space. Click in the white space and click "create". This time move the slider all the way to the end and leave it there. The "file system" should be set as "swap" .


6. Click OK and you should be back at the bar graph which will now also have a green section.


7. To check on the sizes of the new partitions, click on the red and green sections in turn. The details below should show about 3.3G and 200mb respectively.


7. Click on "Apply" and the installation program should proceed.


I hope it works for you this time. If it doesn't, it probably means that you need more space than 3.5G.


(I really don't think you should risk trying to reduce the size of your Windows partition, unless you're prepared to lose your Windows installation, if something goes wrong.)

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Ok well i guess this thread is finished, linux installed and im able to dual boot.



I followed exactly what you said and the installer finished but this time after it finished it ask me to setup the boot manager and restart and remove the live cd.


I followed that and checked system storage and i have a 3.3gb drive with 1.1.gb free and 200mb swap, so my conclusion of all this is you need atleast 2.2gb (or 3gb to be safe) to install linux or the installer just closes without notification that it didnt install or didnt have enough room etc. i think this should be fixed maybe with a simple message saying installer failed etc not enough space.


Anyways thanks for all the help and now im able to dual boot like i wanted.

Now i just got to get my dialup internet connected, the modem is not recongnized and shows the device name but i cant connect with it on the com port or query the modem, always cannot open modem, but ill post that in another thread, thanks again for all the help and patience of this forum.

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