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I thought I'd resurrect this old thread to update it with some cool info: apparently OpenSuse has a thing called a build service, and those kind souls turn source tarballs into rpms. Now, they're obviously not Mandriva-specific rpms, but nevertheless for simple stuff the rpms they produce will indeed install fine in Mandriva. And I'm sure it would not take too much effort to adapt their rpm to fit the Mandriva guidelines exactly.


Anyway, the point is, they have now taken the source code of this java application I was asking about (it's called "Prune"), and they have produced an rpm and source rpm from them. The noarch.rpm installs fine in a live Mandriva 2010 and runs fine, even creating a menu entry and a launch script.


So, well adamw is obviously not going to be packaging too much now, but maybe someone else from Mandriva is listening and may be interested in adapting this rpm to be more Mandriva-like? And anyone else who feels like trying it out, feel free ;)

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