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ChrisB What does this do?


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mtools are tools to work with ms-dos disks. For example you can set a label on a vfat partition with the command mlabel.

When using the mtools in scripts, you don't want that these commands are prompting/asking questions/being verbose.

That breaks the scripts.


--> let the commands skip certain checks, that would lead to a 'question' when running in a script.


Edit: Oops, the following is wrong:


We had some mtools commands in our specific scripts.

But not any longer.

You don't need it.



We don't need it in the script that creates the persistent loop file, because we don't work with a label on a vfat partition.


But we still need it for the "Create Live USB" script. The syslinux command, which installs the syslinux booloader on the partition, calls a certain mtool utility in the background.

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