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i will never understand how CVS works!

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It's actually a pretty straightforward process - tell us exactly what you've tried and what problems you're having and we can probably guide you through. My first piece of advice, thought, would be to ditch CVS for Subversion. That may not be appropriate in your case though - but it's better version management software imho...

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actually i didn't understand how to start!!!


i saw there are 3 main commands for starting: INIT, CHECKOUT, IMPORT.

i have pc1 and pc2, pc1 is meant to be the server, pc2 the client; in both pc i have the source code in the folder : /source


what i did is:

i went in /ext folder of pc1

i did cvs -d ./this init


then what i shoud do? import or checkout? how to configure the pc1 as a server? and pc2 as a client? what the meaning of "working folder" used in the guide? The folder in which i change the sources or the folder seen from external net?

ohh i'm so confused!!! :wall:

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slow down. don't try to do everything at once. first you're better off learning how an SCM works, before you go on complicating things and trying to share it.


Most people are gradually moving away from CVS to other, and simpler alternatives. Subversion (svn) might well be better suited for you as you're looking at a centralised setup.


A quick google finds these, which will give you a good introduction to scms and svn in particular:





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