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Installing swat with samba [solved]


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I have just installed Mandriva 2007, Spring free from the DVD image. On my 2006 system I used Swat to do various anmin tasks in samba. I have done the updates after the install. I have worked out most problems, but this one I don't understand how to fix.


I set up the online mirrors with easy-urpmi. I have Main, Main-update, contrib, contrib-update plf, plf-free and updates.


I tried to install swat, from the command line here is what I get.


urpmi samba-swat-3.0.23b-7mdv2007.0.i586

The following packages can't be installed because they depend on packages

that are older than the installed ones:



I have no idea how to figure out what packages are are too new for Swat. How do I get swat installed without forcing it?

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Thank-you for your reply. You are correct, I did add the 2007, not 2007.spring repos. I have removed the 2007 and added 2007.spring. I have updated the system, that took a lot of time, but is done. I have also installed swat, and used it.


It was an easy mistake to make, Easy-urpmi defaults to 2007, not 2007.spring. Next time I'll pay more attention to avoid that type of mistake.


Problem solved.

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