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Guest Grogerf

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Guest Grogerf

Hallo Folks :D ,


I've just burned the Toronto CD and made a USB bootable stick - works as advertised - fantastic :thanks:


One little suggestion since I'm still a little bit new to Linux :embarassed: and very used to everything being graphical - could the same boot options box be present on the Live USB as are shown when booting from the CD? - Maybe on the next version. I find that the new 'vesa' code is very useful - there seem to be alot of Nvidea video cards that don't work well with the default drivers, but seem to work fine with vesa :D :thumbs:


This would make it even easier when booting the Live USB on a 'strange' machine :thumbs:


Thanks for a great version!!






Sorry folks - looks like I've posted this on the wrong part of the forum. Perhaps it could be moved to the correct place by a moderator - Please?

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Thanks Grogerf for your feedback and the suggestion.


Yes, the new graphical bootmenu is indeed on the to-do-list. And easily done.


So far I've preferred the text mode for the live usb because some old BIOS have a problem to boot from USB when in graphical mode. Anyway, it's about time to switch to the more userfriendly graphical isolinux splash.

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