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Samba and file sharing


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I don't know which version you're using, but in 2007.0, you can change the host name in the MCC under Network & Internet. There are actually 2 places you can do it - I don't know which is required by Samba as I don't use it.


Look at 'Manage host definitions' and 'Manage miscellaneous internet settings'.

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Well it went OK......but windose cant see my Linux PC but i can share files and folders from Linux if i open Konqueror as described in wiki



There are numerous reasons why Windows cannot see your Linux PC. Some stuff to check:

  1. Does your winPC know the name of your Linux PC or are you adressing it by IP. Try with command 'ping linuxname' to see whether it knows the name it all.
  2. Your (Windows) firewall should let info from my (Linux) server pass, or else will not display whatever the server is sending. Again make sure that you define your linux server in such a way that Windows knows it, i.e. name only if you have defined a mapping from that name to an ip address (c:\windows\hosts or running a DNS or having the Linux box setup with a proper fully qualified domain n ame).
  3. Your linux firewall should give your Windows host (by IP or name) access on some ports. MCC can do this for you: security, firewall and then select Windows file sharing (SMB). Look in /var/log/messages to see whether info is rejected.
  4. (Also) Samba needs to define which hosts can access it, either by IP or name. Check the file /etc/samba/smb.conf for a line starting with 'hosts allow'. If this only lists then only the server itself can access the Samba shares.
  5. Check /var/log/samba for logfiles with the name or ip adresss of your windows pc and read them.

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Thanks for the info guys BUT some times i can see the win PC and other times i cant, since i connected to the win pc i now no longer am able to print from it when i choose to print no mater what application i am using the Linux pc locks up. in the screen dump you can see BT which is the wireless hub then local host samba server then Ms home (the PC) then Thompson (unknown) from the Ms home there should be TOWER (work) attached to it could there be a conflict in names as i used to print via Ms home and not TOWER (work).


When configuring Samba i told it the win PC was Ms home but it saw that the PC is called TOWER (work)? have i screwed up somewhere?




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