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approximative cut and paste for DVD authoring


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I've been saving my old original VHS to hard disk lately, and now I try and group them on standard "Video DVD" (actually DVD+R). Successfully so far: I burned two 2-film DVDs :)


The latest (3rd) DVD I "authored" was from the Stargate, Crying Freeman, and Xmen1 special edition VHSs.

I structured the DVD like this:

- VMGM : 1 720x576 menu ("title") : choice between Sg, CF, and Xm.

- Titleset 1 : SG and CF (1 mpeg each, 352x576).

- Titleset 2 : 2 352x576 menus ("root" for main Xm main menu, and "chapters" for Xm bonus menu) + 33 352x576 mpegs.


Now the reason for those 33 mpegs for Xmen is that I sliced the main movie into 5 "common" parts, and 2 "normal-only" parts, the 8 bonus being insertable in place of a "normal-only" part or between two "common" parts. And each bonus is 3 videos: intro+bonus+conclusion. I also reused the "begin bonuses" short video from the VHS, as well as the "exit from bonuses" video.


All this to say that I did a lot of virtual "cut" (using avidemux) and "paste" (using dvdauthor).


The issue I have now is the "approximative" cutting of sound. To cut, I use avidemux, and choose the hh:mm:ss.th location where I feel the cut is safe. I save one file up to this point, another file after this point, then I compress each avi into a DVD-compliant mpeg using mencoder. Example of the problem I often have:

- I cut here (translated from French): "I trained them, and they now teach other mutans at their turn." // " Most students are..."

- I encode.

- I read a playlist of both files and I hear: "I trained them, and they now teach other mutans at their tGrzz. Most students are..."


Why is picture cut and paste precise, and sound cut and paste approximative?


I know there are picture-related rules to choose the cutting point:

- must correspond to a frame, eg 10:25.20 or 10:25.24, not 10:25.21;

- if not mjpeg, then must be a I-frame (at most each 0.6 seconds for a DVD-compliant video).


Are there such rules one has to know for the audio side, when it comes to choosing the point of the video where you will cut?



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