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mandriva 2007 usb

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when i install a phillips USB Flash Drive, the system freezes...


also if i start mandriva with USB Flash Drive in system starts up ok but cant open devices or mnt device?


please can you help


BELOW IS THE Identification


Vendor: ?Philips

Description: ?USB Flash Drive

Disk identifier: ?0601200300002841

Media class: ?hd (Mass Storage|SCSI|Bulk (Zip))

Bus identification

vendor ID: ?0x0471

Device ID: ?0x082b

Sub vendor ID: ?0x0000

Sub device ID: ?0x0000


Bus: ?SCSI (USB) (2)

Channel: ?0

Logical unit number: ?0


Old device file: ?/dev/sda


Device USB ID: ?2

Geometry: ?// (CHS)

Disk controller: ?0



Also when i click on Devices i get this error


Protocol not supported



Thanks for help...

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was that usb key formatted under any other OS?


if you have a WINbox, try formatting it under FAT32.


if you DONT, then try the MCC and delete the current partiyiona nd re add a new one, then format


realize that noth these solutions will destroy and and all data that you have on the key.

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Formatted phillips USB Flash Drive to fat32 in windows xp, no joy


used to work on 2006!!!


when i plug it in mandriva freezes. if i plug in before i start mandriva its ok, but cant read drive.


still get Protocol not supported, device???

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