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need a network folder

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I need to set up a network folder (a partition actually) which is hosted on my home desktop with FC6,

so that I can add and delete files on it also from my Mandriva laptop.


Now, the situation is stupid, I've probably shared my /share folder by now on god knows where just not my local lan... :wall:

The interesting bit is, that if I write fish:// and enter my user password I can freely browse and manage files on my FC6 from my laptop, so there IS some kind of network there, just not the network folder setup I need...


So please, in some easy steps, how do I do it? :unsure:

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okay, now I have something

under local network I now see my LAN pc IP's,

but when I click on a particular one and then one step down on a folder named NFS, I get this message: Authorisation failed, 192.16.bla.bla aythentication not supported.




oh, and how do I disable fish?

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