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intel wireless 3945 [solved]

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hi, I have an Acer 5610 laptop with FC6

I installed the drivers from ATrpms and the network manager found my wlan card,

but when trying to connect to activate the card/network config, I get this error

Determining IP information for eth1... failed; no link present.  Check cable?


Is it a problem with my wifi network or the card?


Please help, just two days with this laptop and I haven't tried to connect anything else to my wifi network, because I have nothing else to connect....



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I spent weeks trying to get mine to work with Mandy, I have a tosh lappy with the same card.


This is what I did. I googled for ipw3945 and found the sourceforge website. Downloaded the single file that compiles the module into the kernel. Then, I installed Mandy's packages:




of course, I know your running FC6. So, find these two atrpm packages and install them. Then compile the latest stable module from the sourceforge website, version 1.2.0 I think.


That should do the trick I hope.

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I gave up FC6 on my laptop after trying out Mandriva ONE 2007,

it recognized my card right away and connecting to my wifi was a breeze, even with my WPA2 security.


So I'm running Mandriva again, at least on one of my computers. :)

That's sort of "back to the roots" to me.

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I did try FC6 on my laptop, in fact I tried a few distros, but finally went with Mandriva on it, purely for familiarity and the fact I couldn't get sound or wireless working on either of the distros anyway.


And thought I would wait for the later module to arrive, so I could finally get it working, which I did last week :P


Glad you got a solution though and it worked out of the box for you. Wasn't quite the same for me, as the standard Mandy kernels didn't work with my Core 2 Duo. Therefore, I couldn't use dkms to get the ipw3945 packages, and therefore had to compile my own kernel to get the Core 2 Duo supported and then compile the modules, but at least use some Mandy ipw packages.


So for you, much much easier than me ;)

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I might have to try that soon on my lappy then and see how FC6 goes. I had big problems before, and couldn't find any freshrpm packages or from the other repository that I've forgotten right now.

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Does anyone know if the reverse engineered 3945 bsd drivers is ported to Linux? That would make my laptop fully open source/free software operated..!


havn't really got a hope unfortunately. There's so many great wireless drivers in *bsd that I wish would be ported, but none ever have been. I wish linux' wireless was implemented at least half as well as bsd.


but then again... there's a lot of things that are implemented far better in bsd.



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