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AIGLX NVIDIA and Compix - no window decorations

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I had Compiz working with XGL and 8774 drivers, but upgraded to 9629 drivers from NVIDIA proper and now have to use AIGLX - XGL won't work. Also, in AIGLX, the windows lack the window bars and decorations as well as I can't move them with Alt-drag. Any suggestions what is causing this? Card is Geforce FX AGP 8X/64MB on AMD Athlon XP 3200


My xorg.conf:

# File generated by XFdrake (rev 57713)

# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig
# nvidia-xconfig:  version 1.0  (buildmeister@builder3)  Wed Nov  1 19:47:17 PST 2006

# File generated by XFdrake (rev 57713)
# **********************************************************************
# Refer to the xorg.conf man page for details about the format of
# this file.
# **********************************************************************

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "layout1"
InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard"
InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer"
Screen "screen1" 0 0

Section "Files"
# font server independent of the X server to render fonts.
# minimal fonts to allow X to run without xfs
FontPath "unix/:-1"
FontPath "/usr/share/fonts/misc:unscaled"

Section "Module"
Load "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension
Load "v4l" # Video for Linux
Load "extmod"
Load "type1"
Load "freetype" 
# Load		   "/usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/nvidia/libglx.so"
Load "glx" # 3D layer
Load "dri" # Direct Rendering

Section "ServerFlags"
#DontZap # disable <Crtl><Alt><BS> (server abort)
#DontZoom # disable <Crtl><Alt><KP_+>/<KP_-> (resolution switching)

# allows the server to start up even if the mouse does not work
Option "allowmouseopenfail"

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Keyboard1"
Driver "kbd"
Option "XkbModel" "logicdp"
Option "XkbLayout" "us"
Option "XkbOptions" "compose:rwin"

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Mouse1"
Driver "mouse"
Option "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2"
Option "Device" "/dev/mouse"

Section "Monitor"
# TV fullscreen mode or DVD fullscreen output.
# 768x576 @ 79 Hz, 50 kHz hsync
Identifier "monitor1"
VendorName "Dell"
ModelName "Dell P1110"
HorizSync 30.0 - 121.0
VertRefresh 48.0 - 160.0
ModeLine "768x576" 50.0 768 832 846 1000 576 590 595 630
ModeLine "768x576" 63.1 768 800 960 1024 576 578 590 616

Section "Device"
Identifier "device1"
VendorName "nVidia Corporation"
BoardName "NVIDIA Geforce2 FX"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "AllowGLXWithComposite" "true"
Option "RenderAccel" "true"
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"
Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps"
Option "DPMS"

Section "Screen"
Identifier "screen1"
Device "device1"
Monitor "monitor1"
DefaultDepth 24

Subsection "Display"
	Depth 8
	Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"

Subsection "Display"
	Depth 15
	Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"

Subsection "Display"
	Depth 16
	Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"

Subsection "Display"
	Depth 24
	Modes "1280x1024" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"
Option "DPMS"

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite"





and Modprobe.conf

alias eth0 forcedeth
alias sound-slot-0 snd-intel8x0
alias eth2 eth1394
install scsi_hostadapter /sbin/modprobe sata_nv; /bin/true
remove snd-intel8x0 /sbin/modprobe -r snd-pcm-oss; /sbin/modprobe --first-time -r --ignore-remove snd-intel8x0
install snd-intel8x0 /sbin/modprobe --first-time --ignore-install snd-intel8x0 && { /sbin/modprobe snd-pcm-oss; /bin/true; }
install usb-interface /sbin/modprobe ohci-hcd; /sbin/modprobe ehci-hcd; /bin/true
alias eth1 3c59x
alias ieee1394-controller ohci1394

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Doing some homework - finding out that this probably relates to a gtk-window-decorator or something. Someone recommends installing gnome-window-decorator RPM, just wondering - I'm using KDE, will this be the appropriate RPM?

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Ok, now I'm really in trouble - Compiz isn't working at all. Tried some fixes from the Compiz.org discussions, but now it won't launch at all. Manually launching at command line says there's another manager running on screen 0 and no screens available 0:0


# compiz
compiz: Another composite manager is already running on screen: 0
compiz: No managable screens found on display :0.0


I've uninstalled all the nvidia RPMs, uninstalled compiz, ran the pkg1.run file from NVIDIA for 9629 drivers. Verified OpenGL and GLX is running via glxgears and an openGL screensaver and game. Reinstalled compiz RPMs. rebooted, ran drak3d to enable with AIGLX. Won't launch. drak3d to enable with XGL, get a white spash and then nothing but white screens.


As a sidenote, running beryl with beryl-manager also results in the same message, but running beryl with

# beryl

works fine. Personally, I don't like the feel of beryl as much as compiz, so I'd prefer to use compiz.


Any advice?

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