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Guest Stevellion

MythTV 0.20 core dumping

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Guest Stevellion

Getting problems since a rpm upgrade to mythtv 0.20 getting Mythtv-setup MythFrontend core dumping.


Installed seemed to go OK - wondering if there are any specific pre-requesities from the flac MDE build.


First time I ran mythtv-setup it converted the database OK and mythbackend works fine and is still recording the existing scheduled stuff. Because mythbackend works fine, it leads me to think it's x/qt/graphical problem, but don't really know.


But - When I run mythtv-setup, it creates the x-window, builds some cached icons, then crashes.. no other errors that I'm able to identify.


Any help appreciated in how to identify further why it might be happening - is there an enhanced debug setting for mythtv-setup, or frontend?

any way of analysing the core file?


I also upgraded qt3 to the mde version at the same time as the myth-tv upgrade... wondering if I should push it back to the MDK standard version.. just clutching at straws really. (but struggling to do that cleanly)

I've attached my list of qt & Myth packages below - if it helps.

I already had to recover my libdbus file as with the MDE version too many other things broke... (but mythtv didn't work with the mde version either anyway)





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We dont use to build rpms for mandriva 2006 anymore anyway ill tell thac about it and maybe he can do some, anyway we use to hang in irc in server irc.freenode.net in channel #MDE, better enter there and report it personally to thac.


If you had read our page at www.mde.djura.org you could have seen in where we use to hang and all support places.

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