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Long-term printing problem solved


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I finally solved as long-term printing problem on my slower (166 MHz Pentium) system. I went into CUPS to see what could be changed, so...I selected the Printer Options, changed the Printout Mode from "Controlled by 'Printout Mode'" to "300 dpi, Color, Black + Color cartg." and saved the settings (after the customary prompt for a login).


I have never seen the printer (HP Deskjet 3930) print so fast on that machine before. What a difference! :jump:

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I also tried it with the draft setting and that resulted in even faster printing, however in draft mode, black text prints fine, but the colors come out too light. If the colors came out a little bit darker in draft mode, I would use draft mode all of the time.


If printing a web page and I leave the web browser alone, the printer will continue to print the page(s), but if I load in a new page while the printer is printing, it (the printer) will slow down somewhat until the new page finished loading in the web browser. This, could be CPU-related since the system has a slow CPU (by today's standards).

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